Top 5 Best free & paid data recovery software-dordbay

  • Recuva (Windows)
  • TestDisk Data Recovery
  • Minitool Power Data Recovery
  • Disk Drill Data Recovery
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Recuva (Windows)

        Recuva is a powerful and lightweight data recovery software. Using this software you can easily recover files from corrupted directories and accidentally deleted files. It is a comprehensive data recovery tool which recovers missing, damaged, corrupted and encrypted files With the help of Recover Data Recovery Tool, you can recover lost data from any corrupted system or partition using the help of its automatic data recovery mechanism.

It is an user-friendly software which works well in any operating system. This softwares supports all major operating systems including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

TestDisk Data Recovery data recovery software

TestDisk is a simple and easy-to-use data recovery software for Mac, Windows and Linux. It helps you to recover your lost files from external hard drive or cloud storage. It is a full-featured data recovery software.
which can help you to recover your lost files from any format such as FAT32, NTFS and exFAT. When you need to recover files from external hard disk drive or cloud storage, TestDisk can be a useful tool for you.TestDisk is an easy data recovery software that works on Mac OS X.

Minitool Power Data Recovery data recovery software

  Minitool Power Data Recovery is a powerful data recovery software especially designed for Windows and Mac systems. Minitool Power Data Recovery restores deleted files, deleted partitions, lost system files and other important data from hard disk or SSD drive.

It is the best tool to recover data quickly and easily by employing advanced techniques such as advanced file system recovery techniques, file format recovery techniques and partition recovery techniques.

Disk Drill Data Recovery

Disk Drill data recovery software is an essential part of every computer or digital storage system. With its easy to use interface, it can restore data from almost any type of hard disk drive. Disk Drill can recover lost files, partitions or entire drives. Disk Drill works on the principle of “recovery”.

By using the powerful algorithms, it is able to recover data that has been corrupted due to any kind of error or corruption.The most common types of data recovery are lost files and partition recovery. With the help of Data Recovery software, all recoverable file types can be restored. In some cases, a single file might not be recoverable but multiple files might still be recovered by using the tools included in Disk Drill.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard :

EaseUS is the world’s largest manufacturer of all-inclusive data recovery software. It, therefore, has an extensive product portfolio and expertise in both the technical and application areas of data recovery. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is considered one of the most powerful and effective data recovery tools in the market today.

Other methods :

Recovering data from hard drive or other storage failure or corruption can be quite a challenging task. If you need to recover deleted, lost files or make recovery of corrupt window images, then you face the same problem. Recovering data from corrupt or damaged hard drive is one of the most important and challenging tasks.This article will help you to solve all your such problems regarding recovery of data from corrupted or malfunction hard drive, computer, USB flash drive etc. Many people face this problem while they are unaware that their system is in need of recovery.

1) Making a repair of corrupted hard drive.

The first and foremost step to take is to make a fully functional recovery tool on your computer or any other device. This tool can recover all the data stored in the corrupt or damaged hard drive, memory card, and removable storage devices such as flash drive. 2) Repairing corrupted Windows files: A) Windows 10 Data Recovery Tool 1) Download and install the recovery tool. The Windows 10 Data Recovery Tool is a full-featured data recovery software that can assist you to recover deleted, lost files, damaged or corrupted images and other data from computer or other storage devices. 2) Choose the drive which has been damaged by malware or virus attack. 3) Recovering files from the corrupted storage devices in a dashboard or mobile device.Examples of Windows 10 Data Recovery Tool:MDS-09-0005 (Windows 10 Data Recovery Tool)

2. Recovering files from computer that has lost power and restarted again on its own:

1a) Download and install the data recovery tool on your PC. 1b) Download the damaged file on your computer and install the tool as described in step 1(a). 2a) Restart your PC. 2b) Run the data recovery tool. 2c) Perform a scan for files that may have been corrupted by malware or virus attack on your device.(Recommended for Windows 10, 7, 8 and 8.1 )
2d) If the data recovery tool detects any files in the recovered directory, let it finish and then copy all files from your computer to a safe location.

3) Open your device under Windows 10, 7 or 8.1.3

a) If a previous Android version was installed on your device before you downloaded this app, find out if it’s Android 4.0, or earlier.

If so, delete the old version before you install this app. You can also use our previous Android SDK installation instructions to get an updated build of the Android SDK for your device or emulator: If you are installing a previous Android version your device, go here to download and install the latest Android SDK . Download it from the link above, or from our Downloads page in the My Apps section of this app’s Store Page: /details?

b) Open the folder where your downloaded Android SDK is located, and open the platform-tools folder in the SDK. You’ll find four new files there: a tool called adb, a command line tool called fastboot, and two other files that look similar to that of Android SDK tools: /adb, s_fastboot

c) Run adb by going to your PATH and typing in: adb (or fastboot) You should see this message: “Connection is successful” on the screen that pops up.

You can now boot your phone into recovery mode.Boot your phone into fastboot mode with adb by going to Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number -> Tap 7 times on the screen that pops up, then press Back button.

This will boot your device into fastboot mode and let you use adb by typing it in at the command prompt so long as your phone is plugged into a computer. Swipe down from the top of the screen, then tap on the Google (or other) logo to bring up the menu. Scroll down and find Fastboot Mode, then press Enter. Type in: fastboot (or reboot) to reboot your device.

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