Delicious Vennila Ice Cream at Home

Vanilla ice cream

Required things:

1. Milk
2. Sugar
3. Custard powder
4. Vanilla essence


Drain the milk well and keep it cool.

Mix three tablespoons of milk with sugar custard powder and make a paste.

Return the remaining milk to the stove and bring to a boil. Add paste mixture while boiling.
Let it boil for three minutes and let the milk cool down.
After cooling, add drops of vanilla essence to it, pour it into an ice cream tray and keep it in the freezer in the refrigerator.

If there is no refrigerator:

Even those who don’t have a refrigerator can easily make and enjoy ice cream.


Boil the milk well and let it cool.

Mix sugar and custard powder in two table spoons of areya milk and make a paste.

Bring the remaining milk back to the stove and keep it boiling. Add the paste mixture and let it boil for three minutes and let it cool. After boiling the milk, mix the vanilla essence into it.

Take the ice cream bucket and cover it, leaving a little less than three-quarters full of the milk mixture. In an outer vessel, ice cube and salt should be placed alternately on top of each other and swirled rapidly. The ice cream is ready when it becomes hard to swirl.


The required vanilla ice cream is ready. Everyone’s Favorite Delicious Vanilla Ice Cream is ready for everyone from six to 60.

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