Delicious Tasty Almond Ice Cream at Home

Hello friends today’s recipe we are going to see is how to make a delicious and everyone’s favorite almond ice cream. This almond ice cream is a good motivational food for the body as well. Almonds are rich in nutrients and vitamins. Eating almonds can lead to weight gain because these almonds contain so many calories and nutrients. That’s why today I am going to tell you clearly how to cook and eat almond ice cream. Let’s see how to make delicious almond ice cream.

To make almond ice cream you need to take the essential ingredients for making almond ice cream. Let’s take a look at the ingredients needed to make almond ice cream.

Important ingredients needed to make almond ice cream:

1. Milk 500 ml

2. 175 grams of sugar

3. One tablespoon of custard powder

4. Almonds 50 grams

5. A few drops of essence

6. Take a small amount of color powder of desired color

Now let’s see how to make delicious almond ice cream.

Delicious Almond Ice Cream Recipe :

Almonds should be soaked in hot water or water. Remove the skin and cut the dal into very small pieces.

Boil the milk well and keep it cool.

Mix a little milk with sugar and custard powder to make a paste.

Mix the above paste in the remaining milk and after boiling for five minutes, add almond essence color powder and take it. Keep it in the freezer in the fridge.

When the almond ice cream hardens, you can eat it. That’s it, delicious almond ice cream is ready. Everyone from kids to adults can enjoy this delicious almond ice cream. It is rich in nutrients, making it a very useful, nutritious and high calorie ice cream for kids.

Post Note:

Instead of adding chopped almonds, you can also grind them and you will get a delicious almond ice cream. Eating almond ice cream does not cause any side effects. Almonds are also a doctor-approved nutrient-dense, high-calorie food.

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