Delicious mixed fruit jam at home

Hello friends very nice to meet you today in another food party. Today we are going to tell you clearly how to make delicious mixed fruit jam that is very nutritious for the body.

This delicious mixed fruit jam is rich in all kinds of vitamins and nutrients. It is also used to tone your body. Everyone from kids to adults can enjoy this mixed fruit jam. If we eat it daily, it will give us good motivation and a well-structured body. Let’s see how to make mixed fruit jam.

Ingredients are important for making.

Ingredients for Mixed Fruit Jam:

  1. Two figures of banana.
  2. Mango count two
  3. Two counts of guava
  4. Balachula five count
  5. Two number of oranges
  6. Two count apple
  7. Annachi fruit is a count
  8. Grapefruit 200 g
  9. One lemon
  10. 500 grams of sugar
  11. A few drops of essence

If you take all the mentioned ingredients then the delicious fruit jam will turn out to be worth making.

Now let’s see how to make delicious mist brewed jam your friend.

Recipe :

Peel the annachi fruit and remove the seeds from the apples and cut them into small pieces. Remove the skin of the fruit mango and banana and take only the fleshy part. Clean and wash the grapes and extract the juice. Cut the balaclava into small pieces. Peel the orange, remove the seeds and take the juice.

Several pieces should be put together and boiled for a while and mashed. Boil it with sugar along with many groups and when it comes to jam, add lemon fruit and essence and take it off the stove for a minute or two. After cooling down the fruit jam, store it in a bottle. Your delicious mixed fruit jam is ready and you can enjoy it on bread slices and all kinds of food. Hello friends next one delicious food see you in the next post thank you hello.


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