Delicious Milk ice cream home remedies

Hello friends today we are very happy to tell you how to make a delicious milk ice cream Ice cream is seen as a food that is loved by everyone from kids to adults. I can turn this ice cream into a healthy and nutritious ice cream. How to make such ice cream? Now I am going to tell you about how to make milk ice cream.

Hello friends, the ice cream we are going to see today can be said to be milk ice cream. There is no objection that all the proteins, vitamins and calories in this milk ice cream will give the body, mind and brain a good refreshment, a well-built body and a sharp intellect.

Come on friends, today I will tell you how to make delicious milk ice cream. First we need to take the necessary ingredients to make delicious milk ice cream.

Ingredients for Milk Ice Cream:

1. Milk 700 ml
2. Condensed milk 25 gms
3. Milk powder 6 table spoon
4. Two tablespoons of gelatin powder
5. One tablespoon of vanilla essence
6. A tablespoon of golden syrup
7. One teaspoon of glycerin

Take all the necessary ingredients to make delicious milk ice cream as mentioned above.

Now let’s see how to make delicious milk ice cream:

Dissolve the milk powder in a little warm water and add the condensed milk one after the other and mix well.

Dissolve the gelatin powder in the lukewarm water.

Then mix the gelatin, golden syrup, glycerin, vanilla essence with the milk mixture and keep it in the freezer to harden.

After the side part gets hard take it out and again mix it well and keep it in the fresher for some time. Once it thickens, take it out and taste it. That’s all you need for a nutritious delicious milk ice cream.

Note For those who like cocoa taste, mix some cocoa powder with it and enjoy. See you in the next post

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