Delicious lemon pudding at 15 min

Hello friends today I am going to share with you how to make a very delicious lemon pudding. Come on friends let’s see how to make delicious lemon pudding cake.

We need to take the necessary ingredients to make this delicious lemon pudding cake. Let’s see what are the ingredients needed to make delicious lemon pudding.

Ingredients for Delicious Lemon Pudding:

1. Egg -4 count
2. Milk. -500 milliliters
3. Sugar – 2 tablespoons
4. Gelatin – 2 tablespoons
5. Maida flour – Tablespoon
6. Vanilla essence – 3 drops
7. Lemon – 1 tbsp

For decoration

Cashews (chopped) -3 tbsp
Sugar- 2 tbsp
Baking soda-1 pinch
Butter-1 tbsp.


Squeeze the lemon juice and heat the milk and mix the sugar and egg yolks until the whites are foamy.
Dissolve gelatin in hot water.
Add the sugar mixture to the heated milk and mix well. Then mix ground flour and boil the mixture. Once cooked, take it out of the oven and keep it cool. Mix lemon juice and essence in it. Add egg white to it.

Add gelatin mixed in hot water to the above pudding mixture.

Pour the pudding mixture into the mold and keep it cold in the fridge.


Due to the addition of gelatin, the pudding will harden when cooled.

Garnish Recipe:

Put the butter in the oven and pour the sugar in it and let it melt. Also mix soda salt and chopped cashew nuts. Stir it well and pour it in a baking dish and keep it cool. Anbu can be powdered and sprinkled on the pudding to beautify it.

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