Delicious jelly rolls cake make at home

Hello friends today I am going to share with you an amazing food type of cake which is how to make Jelly Rolls Cake in this post we are going to see.

Different types of cakes Jelly rolls cake is very tasty and nutritious because this jelly rolls cake contains fruit juice milk cardamom almonds etc. So I am sure that this jelly rolls cake will give good health to the body.

Let’s see how to make Jalli Rose Cake.

Ingredients required to make Delhi Rolls Cake:
1. Juice your favorite cup size
2. Eight pieces of bread
3. One and a half cups of sugar
4. One liter of milk
5. Cardamom powder four counts
6. Almonds chopped 6 count
7. Refined oil can be taken as per requirement
8. Maida four tablespoons
9. A bit of silver lace

Jalli Rolls Cake Recipe:

Boil the morning well and keep it boiled to one third. Add 5 teaspoons of sugar and cardamom powder to it. Keep a separate page.

Then boil one and a half cups of sugar in water.

Soak the bread pieces in water for some time and then pour fruit juices over them and roll them into rolls or balls.

Take bread pieces rolled in maida flour mixed with water and fry them till they turn golden yellow.

Soak the fried jali rolls in sugar syrup for a while and take them. Now mix this in condensed milk and keep it in a cold storage box to cool it.

Then pour some balacharabha and decorate it with almonds and silver lace papers.

Now your desired jelly rules cake that is crisp, cool, delicious and healthy is ready. Delicious and delicious Jelly Rolls Cake will become your favorite dessert and enjoy. Thank you

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