Delicious Cashew dal Cake Make at Home

Hello friends, the type of food we are going to see today is how to make cashew dal cake in this post. To make a delicious cashew cake, first you need to take the necessary ingredients. The benefits of cashew nuts are that cashew nuts increase the number of white blood cells. Vitamins and proteins in cashews give good health to the body.

Ingredients to make Cashew Cake:

1. Semolina 500 grams
2. Flood 500 gms
3. Sugar 250 grams
4. Butter 250 grams
5. Egg 6 count
6. A number of coconuts
7. Paneer 3 tsp
8. Cashew nuts 250 grams
9. Five drops of essence

Delicious Cashew Cake Recipe:

Avoid the flood. Grate coconut and prepare 2 cups of thick milk.
Separately take 25 grams of cashew nuts and chop them finely. Chop and crumble the rest.
Roast semolina and when it is hot add butter and mix it and take it separately.
Mix the egg yolks and sugar together well.
Pour the egg mixture into the semolina and mix it with pan water and sugar and add everything like cashew nut essence. Beat the egg yolk and mix it into the foam. Pour the coconut milk and mix the cake mixture well. Pour into a greased cake pan and let it boil to the right temperature.

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