Chocolate Coco cake how to make at home

Hello friends today we are going to see a wonderful home remedy that is how to make chocolate cocoa cake in this post we are going to see. This Chocolate Cocoa Cake can be eaten healthy by everyone from kids to adults.

Before making Chocolate Cocoa Cake you must first know about the benefits of Chocolate Cocoa Cake.

The cocoa powder in the chocolate cocoa cake can prevent the blood vessels in the heart and the good fats in the cocoa powder remove the bad fats from the body. Apart from that, the fiber and vitamins in cocoa powder regulate human blood flow. The medicinal cacao powder in chocolate cacao cake is good for the body and bones when eaten in large quantities.

Let’s see how to make delicious chocolate cocoa cake:

Before making Chocolate Cocoa Cake you need to take the necessary ingredients first.

Ingredients for Chocolate Cocoa Cake:

1. One and half cups of maida
2. One cup of powdered sugar
3. Quarter cup quantity of ko powder
4. One tablespoon of lemon juice
5. Grind size of edible oil
6. One cup of vanilla essence
7. One cup of cold water
8. Two pinches of baking powder

As mentioned above all the necessary ingredients should be taken for making chocolate cake.

Chocolate Cocoa Cake Recipe:

Add maida flour and baking powder and knead well two or three times. Powdered sugar and cocoa powder should also be mixed with this.

Put the mixture in a deep vessel and make a basin in the middle, add vanilla essence oil, lemon juice and water spoons and mix it well with a wooden spoon. Stir until the mixture is well blended.

Then put it in the cooker and pack it.

Take chocolate cocoa with garnishes.

An important plus-minus combination is that this chocolate cocoa cake is made without eggs. Cocoa powder’s high fiber content, vitamins, and proteins reduce stress on the body, regulate blood flow in the human bloodstream, and not only provide good health to bones and muscle tissue. Enjoy this delicious chocolate cocoa cake at home.

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