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Bitcoin mining is a multi-billion dollar industry and big players like Bitmain, Antminer, Bitfury and more are already making huge profits in bitcoin mining. This talk aims to break down the important factors of Bitcoin mining including hash rate, power consumption and other metrics to give you a better understanding of what it takes to mine and how you can benefit from it. . It will also cover the hardware you need to start mining and how to set it up.

No:1 Antminer S19 Pro mining machine

The Antminer S19 is a powerful, efficient and safe mining machine. This compact, strong and stable mining machine will make it easier for you to earn profits with the benefits of digital currency. The Antminer S19 Pro was designed to make mining profitable. It comes with several advantages such as large power supply, fast cooling fan and an advanced design with rich features.

The features of the Antminer S19 that make it a competitive miner are :

  •  4.2 GH/s hash rate (equivalent to a 1,200 MH/s mining machine)
  •  Power supply: 1100W (which is adequate for all the devices) — and this power supply is also quiet, durable and also powerful to run
  •  Very high cooling efficiency — it features a powerful air cooling system that allows the heat to be dispersed and transferred from the PFC-based fan or heating elements to outside air, thus, reducing power consumption.
  • Advanced design — this Antminer is designed with several advanced designs in mind, including fast cooling and efficient power consumption for a longer lifespan of the machine.

2. Antminer T9+ mining machine

Mobile friendly mobile and web based mining applications are experiencing a decent growth. This can be seen in Bitcoin market sentiment media and also company’s availability for their services. These projects require features that “Big Mining Machines” can only provide and that no one else is providing. Additionally, many crypto currencies are attracting a lot more people to the industry, thus making more competitors come up on the scene .

The Features of Antminer T9+ includes X11 algorithm giving it some performance over generations to make it generate as much PH with as low an energy consumption as possible. Partition size option for increasing Hashrate performance in single machine cases along different calculation methods like FHG, SHA-256, SHA-512’s etc (upgradable ). The ore utilization rate is dramatically better than any previous miners ( 9+ generations) .

T9+ comes with a firmware upgradeable (SEQ.2) temperature monitoring system, which is powered by the same quad-core chip as the miner itself and monitors your machines temperature in real time. It also supports an auto shutdown feature when it senses that your machine has reached a certain temperature.Advanced tailoring of energy consumption in the machine is also possible by inputting additional settings. It’s best to test these settings on a computer before turning the machine on in order to ensure that they work with your environment and the specific brand of printer you use.

3. Avalon Miner A1166 Pro mining machine

An 8th edition of the book focuses on what makes cryptocurrency mining ASICs a great investment for cryptocurrency investors and traders.

For this upcoming edition, author always tries to go deeper on his subjects, always trying something different and bring innovation. The previous release was only about efficiency in terms of mining, private and public currencies. Specifically speaking about crypto mining algorithm that I want to discuss today is called Guranjani51’s HSM’ s algorithm that was create after 11 years efforts by AI specialist Vadi Dhawan 。Here is an algorthm development diagram showing all the relations involved in this advancement process(after 17 years):

4. Whats Miner M30S++ Mining machine

Mining is a very difficult task. Only a small part (~0.1%) of the silicon in a silicon board, the rest (99.9%) in resides on the surface of it and even this part tends to melt from high temperatures best visually call: ‘chip theft’.

There are many ways and methods to mine for silicon. Mining stands for another word about’nano mining’. It is known as’hard engineering problem that contain low probability random distribution with some constraints’

Inspite of these advantages, all these methods produce little snippets of metal which is extracted from very small substrates (difficulty 25%-45% depending on how much you resort your machine.)
Turbine drives at 2015 developed effective and efficient ways of driving hydropower using wastewater powered turbines*** who generate clean energy but at the cost of using a considerable amount of wastewater.In addition to the waste water from the turbine, this project not only uses waste water, but also requires significant cooling and power generation costs in order to create steam.

The company mainly focused on developing new turbine drives with high efficiency and was successful that they are now able to produce power at a high price, at a low cost, and using reduced amounts of waste water.“We are now able to meet the needs for clean energy generation with human waste, because of our new turbine drives, which were developed without any harmful substances like mercury and other toxic compounds” said Dr. Mohan Prasad from the University of Utah’s School of Mechanical Engineering.

5. AvalonMiner 1246 mining machine :

Mining fuel is on the rise and with it comes new terms, like “gold of the 21st century” or “pink gold”
A scalable AI known as Avalon Miner 1246 can do just that – mine your content. The device mines content at scale, generating many gigabytes 10 times more often than the industry standard.

It does so autonomously by itself – there are no specific information needs or targets being monitor and optimized for. Communication is done entirely through computer-to-computer messages via a blockchain based platform.

The device works as a technician – enabling a particular person to focus on tasks in their career while at the same time not wanting to take responsibility for any business operations because of user lack of knowledge or experience with coding etc In an era where automated systems have taken over much of the work previously done by humans, this is a very interesting option. The product is currently in beta testing and will be released soon.The cost of this product starts at £400 per month with a free trial period of two months before the user gets charged again and is then able to save up to £25,000 on his or her sessions with the technology.

The service is fully computerised and all information about the user is stored and seen by other members of the platform. This way, a user can be managed without having to be present at every single session, removing any potential interruption of client’s work. Additionally, business owners will have peace of mind knowing they do not have to worry about their employees stealing.

WhatsMiner M32-62T

The WhatsMiner M32-62T model is a very good mining machine because it offers various machines and applets to enhance the mining process.

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